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The new VIP plan and Increase in profits
Today with the coming ANZAC day anniversary. And with regard to improvement of stock trading,
All investment projects would be associated with an increase in profit as follows:

Special Package : 0.23% daily for 365 days
Min: $300 NZD - Max: $10000 NZD
Attractive Package : 0.26% daily for 365 days
Min: $10001 NZD - Max: $30000 NZD
Phenomenal Package : 0.28% daily for 365 days
Min: $30001 NZD - Max: $100000 NZD

In order to honor special investors, new VIP package was added to the current plans .
It is a new plan with special rates as below:

VIP Package : 0.30% daily for 270 days
Min: $50000 NZD - Max: $300000 NZD

Now VIP investors can enjoy the benefits of this plan.

Good luck

Apr-25-2017 07:42:38 AM

And now verified by COMODO IdAuthority firm
We are a verified merchant and authentic by COMODO from today onwards.
This means that you are insured for investing when relying on the information provided by IdAuthority on our system.

Thank you

Apr-14-2017 08:58:33 AM

Trust Guard Privacy and Safety Verified
We are pleased to inform you that as of today, Trust Guard Privacy Policy and Safety approvals
also added to our previous certificates.

You can check our new Privacy Policy page here:

And look at to our new approvals below:

We hope to increase the efficiency to be diligent in serving you.

With respect

Apr-13-2017 09:03:05 AM

The impact of start-ups and their potential
Today`s corporates will have to look beyond simply partnering with start-ups and create a two-speed innovation strategy if they want to survive the changes coming.
This will mean bringing together the best of both world`s the existing expertise within the business; and the innovation, creativity and digitally enabled business models of today`s start-ups.

With our support for start-up companies in recent months, the company's shares are in a good profitability situation now.
Due to buoyant profits from start-up companies trading, profit margins have already been paid to all investors as follows:

Special Package members : 0.50%
Attractive Package : 0.75%
Phenomenal Package : 1%

Thank you

Apr-10-2017 10:49:44 AM

The latest monthly financial report
Our financial conditions and investors report were upgraded today.
You can follow reports from the insurance company:

See also the current investors situation at the bottom of the site.

We appreciate your trust

Apr-1-2017 08:29:41 AM

The latest monthly financial report
Our financial conditions and investors report were upgraded today.
You can follow reports from the insurance company:

See also the current investors situation at the bottom of the site.

We appreciate your trust

Mar-1-2017 08:27:29 AM

Video Presentation
Now you can download and see our Video Presentation from the link below:

We hope this video will be useful in better understanding our business activities.


Feb-27-2017 07:50:38 AM protection pro services
Due to the extensive growth of our US and global customers, as of today our website and trading platform are protected by protection pro service using the Digital Millennium Copyright Act Title 17 Chapter 512 (c)(3).

Digital Millennium Copyright Act: Is part of US Copyright Law. It addresses penalties for copyright infringement found on the Internet.

So we will continue to better serve you with peace of mind.

Thank you

Feb-18-2017 08:36:52 AM

ASB strong momentum
ASB's interim profit for the six months to December has risen by 6% to $507 million.

ASB chief executive Barbara Chapman said the result was the product of "strong momentum" across the business and, "in particular, reflects diversified balance sheet asset growth in key customer portfolios, with total lending up 11% compared to the prior comparative period":

"It has been particularly pleasing to see our people and teams right around the country deliver such a strong performance, with sustained growth in markets outside of Auckland," she said.

Home loans increased by 10% against the prior comparative period while business, commercial and rural lending grew by 13%. Customer deposits also continued to grow (5%), "despite increased competitor intensity and slowing market growth":

A large portion of our capital is trading on ASB stock nowadays.
The difference between net profit from investments on ASB stock, is currently in your account.
This bonus is equal to 1% of the total assets of all investors.

Thanks to all of you

Feb-16-2017 07:02:00 AM

Special increase of referral commission for two months
From today until 13 April, all new investments include 9% referral commission.

Take advantage of this special opportunity

Good luck

Feb-13-2017 07:45:52 AM

Access to the site was developed
Fortunately, We inform all members that our website is available in 5 active domains at the moment:

This increased availability is for the further development of our successful business.

Good luck

Feb-2-2017 07:47:04 AM

The latest monthly financial report
Our financial conditions and investors report were upgraded today.
You can follow reports from the insurance company:

See also the current investors situation at the bottom of the site.

We appreciate your trust

Jan-30-2017 07:11:08 AM

International support department in Chicago, Illinois
We are very pleased to inform you that, as of today, our experts at the international support department in Chicago, Illinois, USA are ready to answer your SMS.

After this, all of our important calls and text messages will be done through the following number:

We recommend you to visit your online account and enter your mobile number in the box related to the Phone Nu and verify that ASAP .

Good luck

Jan-25-2017 08:29:46 AM

Domain Renewal
In order to expand our business, our site's domain renewed for another two years with the success.

Better features and news are on the way.


Jan-25-2017 07:12:05 AM

Website maintenance has been successfully completed
To inform you that the process of updating and maintaining the site has been successfully completed today.

The data migration from old servers to new servers ended successfully.
The existing switches have been updated to Bulgaria new switches with a higher density.
The new Thawte SSL socket with a new dedicated IP address Properly installed.

If you have any potential problem with your account, you can easily keep in touch with our support department via email.

Your request will dealt with in a strict and urgent fashion. Whatever the reasons are, a satisfactory solution will be provided.
We don't compromise our customers' satisfaction under any circumstances and we will make sure that you'll walk away from this experience with a big smiling face.

Please stay tune for more news from us

Jan-23-2017 07:42:07 AM

Website maintenance continues
To inform you that the process of updating and maintaining the site will continue for another three days.

The updates will provide a better and faster environment for all investors.


Jan-21-2017 07:38:51 AM

Scheduled Network Maintenance
Please be informed that our network department is conducting a Scheduled Network Maintenance which will impact our Datacenter Network.

The maintenance details are as follow:

Maintenance Date/Day: 19th-20th Jan 2017 (Thursday-Friday)

The purpose of the maintenance is to perform network equipment upgrading whereby our network department will upgrade the existing switches to a new switch with a higher density.

Your network service might be facing 1-2 days downtime as stated above during the maintenance period.

We will provide another update once this scheduled maintenance is completed.

Your patience and cooperation during the maintenance operation is highly appreciated, we apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Thank you

Jan-19-2017 07:24:17 AM

Outlook good for NZ economy in 2017
The New Zealand economy is expected to grow 3.5 per cent over the coming year, with construction, tourism and household spending to lift inflation from its record lows, though international political concerns cast a shadow, according to ASB Bank.

In the bank's forecasts for 2017, it says the domestic outlook is encouraging, with the overheated housing market expected to cool, though undersupply - particularly in Auckland - and low interest rates will stop house prices dropping drastically.

"Both construction and tourism industries have experienced very strong growth over recent years," the report says. "As a result, capacity and skilled labour shortages are likely to become a challenge for businesses in these sectors over 2017. Capacity constraints could limit the pace of expansion going forward and also add to cost pressures."

Unemployment is predicted to fall to 4.7 percent by the December quarter, from 4.9 per cent as of September 2016.

ASB expects the Kiwi dollar to remain firm against most currencies, but to continue to soften against the US dollar with president-elect Donald Trump's fiscal policies "expected to be supportive for the USD."

Uncertainty about the national election due to be held this year is likely to weigh on business confidence in the middle of 2017, with John Key's surprise resignation in December increasing questions, ASB said. Nonetheless, the country is in a "relatively healthy fiscal position" putting it in a strong position for global challenges.

With hope for the future

Jan-16-2017 07:22:18 AM

Compounding is available now
Investors can set a compounding percent (0%-30%) while depositing in all investment plans now.

For example if one sets the 30% compounding, then the system will add 30% of earnings to the deposit, and 70% of earnings to the user's account balance.

For more information, get in touch with your representative.

Thank you

Jan-9-2017 07:39:14 AM

Happy New Year
Every success requires an effort and a year of hard work proved it once again.
Our united staff was able to overcome many professional challenges and developed
into a very beautiful and effective mechanism. Hope the next year will be even better.

Happy New Year

Jan-1-2017 07:38:02 AM

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