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The last two months extra bonus.
We are very pleased to announce that due to the good and profitable deals that
took place in the stock exchange in the past two months,
extra bonus was awarded to each of the investors today as follows:

Special Package : Bonus equivalent to 2% of the investment plan
Attractive Package : Bonus equivalent to 3% of the investment plan
Phenomenal Package : Bonus equivalent to 3.5% of the investment plan

With thanks for your attention

Jun-17-2016 09:14:31 AM

The possibility of transitioning to account directly for several other countries were added.
Due to the increasing number of investors and demand cooperation,
the possibility of transitioning to account was added for the following countries:

Egypt, Luxembourg, Mexico, Brazil, Myanmar.

With this new option, investors in these countries will be able, after deduction of fees and tax,Transfer their earnings to their accounts directly .

Many thanks to your constant companion

Jun-15-2016 09:29:29 AM

The latest monthly financial report
Our financial conditions and investors report were upgraded today. You can follow reports from the insurance company.
See also the current investors situation at the bottom of the site.
We appreciate your trust.

May-30-2016 08:59:57 AM

Continued support and cooperation between FAC-Limited assurance and us.
We are very pleased to inform you that FAC-Limited insurance company will be responsible in the implementation of the guarantee obligation as in the past. Our long-term cooperation is to ensure a better future for our investors.

Apr-20-2016 08:59:04 AM

Our website design has been updated.
We are Very pleased to inform you that as of today our website is at your services with a new look. Dear investors, we appreciate your continued cooperation.

Apr-6-2016 08:59:21 AM

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